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What Coaching Is Not

What if you had the power to answer all of your existing questions? What if you had the power to unlock your potential, to make all of your dreams a reality, and to cross of all of your goals? You do. Coaches have long known this secret and … [Read More...]

Christian coaching

Exploring Our Hidden Potential

Let me throw this idea out there for you to chew on: We all have the potential to be amazing. This is a tough concept for us to accept and understand, especially when we are As coaches, we are often brought people who are broken by their … [Read More...]

christian coaching

Making the Decision Not to Coach

As coaches who believe that a session’s agenda and focus should be set by the person being coached, we may encounter a time in which we must make a tough decision regarding our practice: when it is appropriate to step back. We, as coaches, may … [Read More...]


The Big Four Applications of Coaching

Not everyone needs (or wants) to become a professional coach who sees clients and earns a living through coaching.  If the only realm in which coaching could be used were the professional coaching world, the world would be missing out some … [Read More...]


Right-size Your Goals

You’ve probably heard that goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-sensitive.  That sounds smart.  But one thing that lots of people miss is that goals need to be challenging. A great goal should … [Read More...]

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