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Jerry Sittser

A Review of ‘A Grace Disguised’ by Jerry Sittser

Jerry Sittser shares a powerful and moving account of the tragic loss of his wife, daughter and mother. It seems inappropriate to sum the book in just a sentence or two because the depth, complexity and emotion of the book are so rich. However, … [Read More...]

Siang-Yang Tan

A Review of ‘Full Service’ by Siang-Yang Tan

This book hung a number of important concepts from the single theme of “servanthood.” Tan understands servanthood to be the primary posture of the Christian – a natural outcome in the life of one who is a friend of Jesus. Tan makes the case for … [Read More...]

Kevin Harney

A Review of ‘Reckless Faith’ by Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney challenges the reader to live a life of reckless faith, which is “a God-ordained leap of faithfulness inspired by the Holy Spirit and consistent with Scripture.” He contrasts this with irresponsible recklessness, which is “a … [Read More...]

N.T. Wright

A Review of ‘After You Believe’ by N.T. Wright

In two previous books, Wright argues that God is bringing heaven and earth together and that this means a Christian’s final hope is not about “going to heaven” but about resurrection into the new creation, which has already been initiated … [Read More...]

David Platt

A Review of ‘Radical’ by David Platt

I first read this book about three years ago after it was first released. I was prepared to read it and really like it, especially based on the subtitle: “Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.” But something about the book did not and … [Read More...]

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